Google Season of Docs: Requesting feedback on LLVM docs site updates

Hey everyone,

I’ve made several updates to the LLVM docs site over the last few weeks. I’d like to get some feedback before I make any additional changes. As of right now, here are the updates I’ve made:

a.) Added a static sidebar with links to the docs, community pages, etc.
b.) Moved the Community/Getting Involved info to a separate page.
c.) Consolidate the docs into three separate pages: Getting Started/Tutorials, User Guides, and Reference. The User Guides and Reference pages include section headings for specific topics, e.g., Command Line Utilities (I couldn’t figure out how to classify certain documents so I put them under an “Additional Topics” heading).

Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions, etc. Thanks!

This looks great!

My only thoughts:

  1. Would the side bar work on the left-hand side of the page? The right-hand side is completely fine, but it creates a lot of blank whitespace on the page. So, I wonder if putting it on the left would kind of tie the page together more.

  2. The writing style and case for the side bar links under “Getting Involved” is a little inconsistent. I think something like this would look nice:

  • Contributing to LLVM
  • Reporting Bugs
  • Mailing Lists
  • IRC
  • Meetups and Social Events

Thanks for doing all of this!

  • Jessica

Thanks for the feedback. You’re right about the sidebar links being inconsistent. I went ahead and updated them. As for the content/page width, it looks like the max-width for div.body was set to 800px. I’ve bumped it up to 1000px for now. I’m also going to try increasing the width of the sidebar to see if that helps. Thanks again!

I don’t have specific questions, but I just wanted to thank you a lot for the work on the documentation!