Google SOC Instructions!! (mentors and students)

The application period for GSOC has closed! Please read the following information carefully.

Upcoming deadlines:
April 7 - Organizations update projected slot allocations.
April 15th - All student applications must be ranked and assigned a mentor.
April 20 - Accepted student proposals announced.

Many of your proposals are not complete and you should complete them as soon as possible. Please watch for comments on your proposal and respond promptly. Lack of response will impact your ranking and probability of getting a mentor.

Please begin commenting, reviewing, and ranking student applications! We need to have an idea of who is willing to mentor what and approximately how many slots our organization needs by April 7th. The final ranking is not due until April 15th.

If you want to be a mentor, please sign up! We try to figure out who is who when we see the mentor request, but if you think we might not know you (ie. different nickname and no real name).. drop Anton or I an email.

Tanya Lattner

Thanks for all the hard work!