google summer of code idea: making a plugin to the clang front end

Hello everybody,
I am a Master’s student at Texas A&M University,
and I am working on a tool which transforms macros(in a C++ program) into equivalent C++ declarations.

The goal of my work is to build tools to support refactoring macros into type-safe code.
I am interested in developing these tools for Clang as part of Google Summer of Code

A prototype for my thesis project already uses the clang-Preprocessor to get information
related to scope of functions, locations of macro invocations etc. I have implemented most of the ideas
into the prototype. Some of the ideas, which I am yet to implement in my tool, would be done this Summer.

I have tested the tool on a couple of libraries (cryptopp and p7zip)
and the results I’ve got are pretty good. For cryptopp5.6.1 it got rid of 45% of macros and for p7zip it got rid of around 85% of macros.

Since I have already designed and implemented the required methods to transform different kinds of macros,
I think three months would be sufficient to develop these tools.

Is there any interest in mentoring such a project for GSoC?

Aditya Kumar