Google Summer of Code Project Idea

Dear LLVM-Dev,
    Your ideas page said that you'd take applications to write new language frontends for LLVM. I've been in-progress for most of a year now writing a compiler for my language Deca as a side-project, and I'd like to make it GSOC project by targeting it at LLVM.
    My other commitments are that I've applied to several different REU programs. If one of them accepts me, I will take it, but otherwise I will be free to work full-time on this language frontend.
    I've attached the tarball containing my progress so far. I have a lexer+parser generated in Java by SableCC, will be writing the main compiler in Scala, have done some work on the type system and type inference, and have made SWIG bindings to link the JVM to LLVM. What does everyone/the-applicable-people think? Currently my language spec consists of notes in a notebook documented my design, should I write it up as a concrete specification for you to evaluate?

Thanks for your time,
Eli Gottlieb

Deca.tar.bz2 (3.98 MB)