Google Summer of Code project


My name is Yuka Takahashi and I’m a student at the University of Tokyo, Japan.

I am interested in shell auto-completion for clang project and eager to commit, but I have a question that I couldn’t understand from project description.

Are we supposed to make indivisual plugin package, (for example, if the name of the plugin was “clang-autocomplete-bash”, someone who wants to use that package has to manually install that) , or make pull request to bash-completion team (or bash team) to ask them to merge our plugin?

And I also wonder if there is another student who want to tackle with this project.

I am really interested in this project, and I believe that my experience of developing own shell will helps.
Please visit my website for more information about me.

Yuka Takahshi

Okay. Then you should go to IRC or the mailing list (maybe cfe-dev would be a better place) to contact the mentors listed on the website, Vassil Vassilev and Raphael Isemann.

From what I can tell, you should implement both shell plugin and clang driver switch. The shell plugin will query the clang driver by using the switch (i.e., command line flag) to know the answer of auto-completion. Please ask the mentors for more details.

Good luck! :slight_smile:



I think it would be really great if we could get the plugin merged
into the upstream bash-completion repository [1] because that would
make it available to nearly all Linux distributions and OS X (via
brew). And they seem to be open to pull requests, so I think that's
the best and easiest way to handle packaging :).


- Raphael Isemann