Google Summer of Code: Shell auto-completion support for clang

Hi everybody,

My name is Jan-Tarek Butt. I'am currently a 4nd term student for
computer science at Emden University Lower Saxony Germany[0].

I am very active in various open source projects like firmware development
by lede/openWRT or gluon an open wireless firmware for researcing of
distributed mesh protocols.[1].

Another project which gave me a lot of experience in embedded
systems, was my remote controls Robotic system with a custom ultrasonic
radar system[2].

During the last around 5 years I wars working with compilers like gcc or clang
and many other tools. On this point thanks a lot for these marvelous tools :wink:
So my plan for this summer is to give my time to help improving such tools.

I am very interested in the project:
Shell auto-completion support for clang

This project would give me the chance to improve my skills, even more
with complex C projects.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Jan-Tarek Butt