GPU Working Group Meeting – Friday, Feb 3, 2023


The next LLVM GPU WG meeting is scheduled for this Friday at 11am ET / 4pm UTC.

The proposed agenda with detailed meeting information (video call link, calendar links, etc.) is available at LLVM GPU Working Group Meeting Agenda / Notes - Google Docs .

Do we have any topics folks want to discuss this week? @jdoerfert @jhuber6 @arsenm @ssahasra @bader @AnastasiaStulova @nhaehnle

If there’s nothing else to talk about, I could bring up the libc for GPUs work I’m doing. I also have some thoughts on getting my “new driver” to work on Windows / MacOS so that the old compilation flow can be removed.

Sure, sounds great.

Also reminder that we meet in 24h.

The meeting starts in 1 hour.

Hello, I was curious to join one of these meetings.

There was supposed to be one call last week but it was cancelled, wasn’t it?
I would also like to ask about the GPU news blog, it appears to be dead but if it moved or broke down into any other such publications, I would really like to keep reading those.

Thank you in advance for any info :smiley:

It’s usually the first week of the month, which would be this week

Might be nice to add it to the community calendar?

I downloaded the calendar from In fact, I could’ve sworn I saw there was a meeting scheduled for last Friday. It was deleted a few hours prior tho.

Hi @ibnmardanis24,

The GPU WG meeting are by default set to the first Fridays of the month. I had a conflict last week and was unable to find a replacement in time, so I cancelled it (>24h before the meeting). Since we didn’t announce it in the first place, no update was sent on discourse.

Do you have some discussion items for the future GPU WG meetings? If yes, feel free to add them to the agenda doc, or reach out to @jdoerfert who took over the scheduling.

My work priorities changed a few months ago I don’t have enough the cycles to run it anymore. However, the website and the repo are still fully functional – contributions are more than welcome.

We changed the organization last week.
As @kuhar said, feel free to add topics to the agenda document.
We’ll resume next month.

For now, I was just interested to follow a meeting and get in touch. I am not entirely sure I can make it on April 7th though. In any case, I discovered this community recently and I am still getting a feel for the state of things. I opened a thread a few days back on a possible GLSL frontend for Clang. If you see anything worth discussing, I will add some points to the agenda.