graduation project ideas.

Dear All,

I am a lecturer in a computer engineering program in Egypt. I am supervising 6 senior students who are required to develop a graduation project this year. They want to work in the operating systems, runtime, or compilers field. They want to work on a real problem that has a real value. So, we are looking for an open issue in an open source system that is suitable for their level of knowledge and the time frame of one academic year. I will appreciate if you can point me to where I can find such issues, or suggest any ideas suitable.

LLVM has a list of open projects:


If we have some data from the program committee members representing LLVM in GSoC and we can add some more attributes like if the project was picked up for GSoC and either someone is working on it, project is completed or it’s open to work on that might help even more in filtering the projects for newbie to work on.

Thank you.

The list of completed projects for GSoC 2021 is open and could be
easily found at GSoC page: