Great opportunity for Compiler LLVM Developer_under Genisys Payroll with IBM Oracle_Bangalore


We are looking resource for below mentioned role:

Job Description

  • This role enables you to gain experience in moving a complex relational database to modern LLVM compiler technology.
  • Activities would include working with Oracle & IBM development teams to :
    • Provide strong technical skills to drive compiling Oracle database using the LLVM based IBM OpenXL compiler.
    • Triage and resolve complex code interactions with LLVM compiler to produce functioning, stable and performant code.
    • Identifying compiler optimization for improving performance of LLVM compiler with Oracle and IBM POWER.
      Critical Skills * Experience using UNIX or Linux OS
  • Experience with C/C++ programming and standards
  • Experience using C/C++ compilers like - GCC, XLC, ICC, LLVM, AOCC
  • Experience in debugging and fixing compilation and runtime issues
  • Knowledge of system architecture (POWER or X86)
  • Knowledge of compiler optimization levels and options, for performance
  • Strong debugging and triage skills
  • Strong collaboration & communication skills
  • Knowledge of LLVM code optimization backend desired.
  • Experience using performance analysis tools like valgrind, perf, Nectar, PMU, pipestat, nmon

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