[greendragon Failure] "utils/lit/tests/shtest-timeout.py" test failure.

Hello all,

Sorry for this dumb question!

After I commit my patch, I encountered a test failure about “utils/lit/tests/shtest-timeout.py”, see http://green.lab.llvm.org/green/job/clang-stage1-configure-RA/43701/.

Error message is below:

/Users/buildslave/jenkins/workspace/clang-stage1-configure-RA/clang-build/utils/lit/tests/shtest-timeout.py:75:21: error: expected string not found in input # CHECK-OUT-COMMON: PASS: per_test_timeout :: short.py ^ <stdin>:44:1: note: scanning from here error: command failed with exit status: -9 ^ <stdin>:50:4: note: possible intended match here TIMEOUT: per_test_timeout :: short.py (3 of 4) ^ error: command failed with exit status: 1

My patch seems irrelevant to this failure and I also found that some people have met this failure too. So I have no idea why this test failure happens and whether it’a known problem. If not, I’ll revert my commit!

Has anyone encountered this problem?


Henry Wong
Qihoo 360 Codesafe Team

Hi Henry,

Hi Henry,

We started seeing this problem after upgrading some of the bots on GreenDragon. We’re aware and looking into the issue.

You can safely ignore this issue.