GSOC 2012 Proposal Idea - Flexible and Efficient Realizations of Logic Based Languages.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Daniel DaCosta.
I am a first year PhD Student at the University of Minnesota.
I am working with the Programming Languages group at UMN.
I am interested in type theory and logic based languages, including both practical and theoretical applications.

I am inquiring about a proposal that would involve either toolchain extensions or proof of concept implementation of logic based languages.
Specifically, Twelf(based on the Edinburgh Logical Framework) or Lambda Prolog.
I wonder if such a proposal seems relevant, interesting, and executable within the GSOC program.
If so, I am interested in thoughts on how to make such a proposal consistent with other LLVM endeavors, and proper scoping.
If not, I appreciate your time in evaluating my idea.

Dan DaCosta

In general, we're looking for GSOC proposals which propose
improvements to one of the existing projects hosted at is a list
of the proposals we accepted last year...