[GSoC 2016] Interprocedural Register Allocation - Mid Term Report

Dear Community,

As I keep you update with the progress on weekly basis (please see http://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/llvm-dev/2016-May/100227.html), this report is covering information about how mentors and I have planned the work in proposal and how are progressing?

As per original time line we should complete basic implementation and testing it for the major bugs and we have completed the basic infrastructure required and also we have tested our work with test-suite and that has revealed tricky bug ( atleast tricky to me ! and I expect some more), So we are currently working on fix for the bug. I think we will solve functional correctness related bug by MidTerm.

I have mentioend in time line that we may required to change existing intraprocedural register allocator but it is clear that we do not require it. So after midsem my mentors have some ideas to try out to improve IPRA. Also I would like to write a detailed blog post explaining the work but that will be after it gets functional correctness.