[GSoC 2016] Proposal: CFL-AA by default

Dear llvm devs,

Based on an earlier discussion about existing pointer analyses in LLVM, I quickly hacked up a GSoC proposal on enabling cfl-aa by default.

The decision to write it was made two days before the application deadline, hence the writing quality may not be very satisfactory: the background section could be less verbose, and the implementation section could be more formal. Also it doesn't seem that I am able to come up with a tentative schedule since at this point, I have no idea how long each of the objective is going to take.

I've shared my draft through the GSoC website. Any ideas on how I could improve are welcomed. Thanks in advance to everyone who is willing to take his/her time to read it.

Dear Jia,

I don't see your proposal in the system. What is the title of your proposal, and under what email address did you submit it?


John Criswell

Oops thanks for the reminder. I did use another email address and am terribly sorry for it.

Let me just post the link:

Are you working in Calvin Lin’s group at Austin? There are a few suggestions that I would make: Regards, John Criswell