[GSoC 2016] SAFECode's Memory Policy Hardening - Midterm Report - Zhengyang Liu

Dear Community,

As I keep you update with my progress by writing weekly report, this report is covering the information about how we are processing. For those who are interested in these weekly reports, please check [1].

In general, the progress of this project is in working order. Before the midterm, I have done the following works:

  1. Finish the SAFECode llvm 3.7 portation. Currently it could work on freebsd 9.3 well and all my recent work are done on this environment.

  2. Test this implementation on various test benches and softwares. Fix many bugs and improve the robustness of SAFECode’s bbac implementation.

  3. Implemented two llvm passes to deal with corner bug cases found in the test.

  4. Currently the implementation could work on most of softwares.

For the next half of Google Summer of Code, I would like to discuss more with the community and my mentor John Criswell. Also I would like to write more detailed weekly status on my blog.

Best Regards,


[1] https://zhengyangl.github.io