GSoC 2016

Dear prospective GSoC students,

The application submission period will start very soon. Below are some
guidelines for the submissions

0. We require all the submissions to be discussed in the relevant
mailing lists before submitting to GSoC system. Failed to do this, you
most probably will have to refine your submission at least.

1. The possible projects are listed on the 'Open Projects' pages,
SAFECode: Open Projects

Note that some of them could be quite old and outdated, some of them
formulated just as some thoughts, not as full projects.

2. We welcome submissions for projects different from the ones listed
on these pages. Just make sure to clarify why you're thinking LLVM
will benefit from this project.

3. Do not forget to mention in your proposal whether you had any prior
experience with LLVM (if yes - please do show how) and / or compilers
in general.

Good luck!