GSoC 2018 - "Command line replacements for GNU Binutils"

Hello, I’m interested in taking this task for this year’s round of the Google Summer of Code. I’m a Computer Science undergraduate student at the University of Milan-Bicocca, I have 5+ years of experience with C/C++ but I’m quite new to the LLVM project. I’d like to have further information about the task requirements and whether it’s still available. Thank you in advance.

Hi Ayoub,

It’s currently still available. The basic idea is that we’d be working on getting each of the llvm tools or libraries with a front end that is command line compatible with the GNU binutils counterpart to serve as a replacement. Whether or not we made them output compatible is something else, but we’ll probably want to have a couple different modes there from:

a) The compatible tool,
b) The tool we all want.

A and B could be the same, but then again, they might not. The low bar for the SoC project is going to be A.