[GSOC 2018] Dangling string pointer checker

Hello developers,

My name is Zhihan Chen and I am currently a year 4 computer science student at the University of Hong Kong.

I am interested in building a checker for dangling string pointer. I’ve learned some essential knowledge about compiler from our university course and built a mini-compiler on my own (Available at https://github.com/CHEN-Zhihan/Compiler).

I’ve gone through the llvm tutorial and I am currently checking some of the static checkers and learning building a new checker. I am wondering if it is possible to treat this problem as a variation of use-after-free problem so that we may make some adaptations based on MallocChecker. I also think that we can check free the string from the raw pointer problem.

This project is rather interesting and I am really willing to make some contribution to the LLVM community.