GSoC 2018 Function Attribute Inference

Hello all !

As you (Nuno Lopes) suggested I went through the basics of interprocedural analysis. I’m new to LLVM and Compilers in general. I have looked llvm/lib/Transforms/IPO/FuntionAttrs.cpp and InferFunctionAttrs.cpp. As I’m new to compiler technology I find difficult to come up with new ideas with respect to function attributes. I would love to hear any additional resources like blogs, LLVM talks related to function attributes so I can get more information and write a good proposal. I know that the deadline is 27-March, but I’m trying to do a good work this summer and I will try to make a good proposal it will be a great experience for me.



Hi Praveen,

I suggest you have a look at
And then play around with clang and some .c code and see where these attributes show up and where they are missing. Philip's email gives some hints.
Also, you can can check which optimizations these attributes are enabling by grep'ing through the code and the unit tests.

Let me know if you have questions.