[GSoC 2018] Introduction and Project Proposal


I am Mohammed Nafees, a Computer Science student at the University of Waterloo, Canada and I am going to apply for Google Summer of Code 2018. I am interested in working on the project "Reimplement LLDB’s command-line commands using the public SB API. ". How can I start, and how can I contact the mentors?

I have completed Google Summer of Code 2017 with KDE (project URL), and I have been associated with KDE since 2013 where I mainly contribute to the Marble Virtual Globe project. My resume is here. I am currently interning at McAfee LLC, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada up until April.

Looking forward to a reply and a follow-up on how to get started :slight_smile:


Hi Mohammed,

For an LLDB project you probably want to post your note on lldb-dev@lists.llvm.org to get the attention of the main developers. There is a lot of overlap in the communities and obviously LLDB is hosted on llvm.org, but it does have its own mailing lists.

Good luck!