GSOC 2018 Introduction

Hello all,

My name is Ashish Kumar Gahlot and I am a final year undergraduate student of Engineering College Ajmer(Rajasthan, India) majoring in
Computer Science.

I am interested in working on project Integrate with Z3 SMT solver to reduce false positives for GSOC 2018. I am having experience with SMT solvers as I play CTFs and have used z3 to solve reverse engineering problems.

How can I contact the mentors for this project and get started?

Looking forward to your response to get started :slight_smile:

Thanks & Regards,

Ashish Kumar Gahlot

Hi Ashish,

Please repost your mail on cfe-dev, since the development of the analyzer is discussed there.
In addition, you would need to come up with more concrete questions and drive the development of the proposal if you wish to apply for GSoC.
I have replied to a similar mail recently on cfe-dev ( which gives some useful starting points.