[GSOC 2018] Mentors and projects needed! Any help appreciated.


The LLVM project has had many years of success with the Google Summer of Code project and we would really like to continue our participation. However, without the support of more community members, we fear that we may not be selected as an organization this year. They are already reviewing projects and to improve our chances of participation we need more projects and mentors listed on the GSOC 2018 webpage.


Time is of the essence here. If you can think of a project that you think would be a useful addition or improvement to LLVM or a sub-project, please list it. If you personally can’t mentor then reach out to others who might be a good fit and maybe they could mentor or share responsibilities with you. I am sure there is no shortage of work to be done :slight_smile: Its just a matter of getting it on our projects page or finding a mentor for an existing project listed.

GSOC has been a great program for so many students. Many have gone on to find internships or even full time jobs at companies working with LLVM and related projects. Companies have found great employees through mentoring a student. Its a great introduction to many students into the world of open source and the LLVM project. There are so many positives to this program and we really hope to continue being a part of it.

If you can help, please go ahead and add a project to the page or volunteer to be a mentor. If you don’t feel comfortable modifying the webpage, send me a patch and I will do it for you.

Thank you!

NetBSD (as well as LLVM) has been accepted as an Open Source
organization participating in GSOC.

There are several LLVM-related projects on the list with GSoC tasks [1]:

Code Quality Improvement projects

    Integrate SafeStack with the basesystem
    Building userland with sanitizers


    Integrate libFuzzer with the basesystem
    Integrate LLVM/GCC Sanitizers with pkgsrc
    Integrate Scudo with the basesystem
    Kernel Undefined Behavior SANitizer


    Kernel Address SANitizer

[1] http://wiki.netbsd.org/projects/gsoc/

Hi Tanya,

Is it too late to get some smaller projects for XRay in there?

Here’s two:

XRay Function Coverage Mode: Implementing an XRay mode to gather function call coverage information. This will be useful in determining which functions in an application has been called either on-demand or throughout its lifetime.

XRay Converters: Implementing conversion tools for XRay traces into different formats. Some that come to mind are the Common Tracing Format, SQL (to be loaded into databases), etc.

I’m volunteering to be a mentor for the XRay projects too.

Hope this helps!


Please add this to OpenProjects page.

Hi Anton,

Forgive me for the potentially dumb question – but how do I do that myself?

The monorepo doesn’t contain the website source(s) and it’s unclear how I can do that myself… I’d love to do it myself but I’m a little lost on how to do it.


Hi Dean,

LLVM is not switched to git (yet). The primary LLVM repos are all in
SVN and available from https://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/

You'd need to commit to