GSOC 2018

Hello anyone this concerns,

My name is Maria Kalikas and I am a senior undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science at The University of Akron.

My familiarity and continuous reading of the C++ Standard has encouraged me develop support for concepts in Clang. I am not aware of the current status of concepts in Clang and if there has been any developed support for the current C++ Standard specification. I am curious to know if this would be a good project to propose for Google Summer of Code and am interested in finding a mentor.

I took a Compiler Design course in Spring 2017 where I designed a compiler for a C-like programming language. My implementation is written in C++. Since completing the course, I became familiar with Clang and LLVM. I spent last summer working with the code to understand how Clang works. I am currently completing a capstone project where I am creating a virtual machine to implement the C++ abstract machine using LLVM instructions and rewriting the conversions, expressions and declarations specified in the C++ Standard as three address code instructions. My long term goal for this project is to build a C++ compiler that takes the C++ abstract syntax and turns it into LLVM bitcode. I am also in the early stages of another project where I am using voice input to write a C++ program. I have not decided yet if I am writing my own compiler to implement this or if I am going to use Clang.

I look forward to any responses and feedback.

Thank you,

Maria Kalikas