[GSoC 2019] Interested in "Extend clang AST to provide information for the type as written in template instantiations."


I'm Stefanos, 3rd year undergraduate computer science student from Greece.
I'm very interested in compilers and this project idea seems very exciting.
My prior work on compilers is to write a compiler (toolchain): lexer,
parser, x86 code generator: GitHub - baziotis/dicc: A compiler for a subset of C written in C.
Currently, I have been working on a more industrial strength compiler
written in D for a month, having reached about 3000 lines of code.

Could you provide any more info about the specific goals and the
prerequisites for an accepted proposal?
I learned late about GSoc (before 5 days) and so I didn't yet have
time to work fully the clang AST. I can easily understand
a Go front-end for example, how far would be to get involved in this project

Thank you very much. I'm very excited to learn and work on the idea!

Stefanos Baziotis

P.S. I added my CV, in case you want it.

cv.pdf (22.2 KB)