[GSOC 2019] project ideas from 2018

Hi everyone,

Last year I found about GSoC and llvm bit to late to apply. I noticed that “Improve function attribute inference” project idea was not taken. Does anyone know if someone has worked on it in the meantime? If not, is someone interested in mentoring? Nuno Lopes or someone else?

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This project wasn't picked by anyone and is still available.
I'm unsure if I'm able to mentor projects this year. I suggest you apply and then we try to find a suitable mentor if applicable.


I’ve seen you added ‘Improving function attributes’ to the project ideas list. Now that it is official I have a question about the preparation.
Is there any small piece of work on the project that I can start working on before applying? Any advice in general would be much appreciated.


чет, 24. јан 2019. у 23:27 Nuno Lopes <nunoplopes@sapo.pt> је написао/ла:

You can through the ML post that is linked from that page and pick one attribute and then try to produce examples by hand where LLVM is failing to produce a good result. Then formulate (on paper) a static analysis that could infer the missing attributes.