GSOC 2023: mentors and projects are needed!

Dear All,

GSoC 2023 is just right around the corner. Next week the organizations will start submitting their applications and this means that LLVM will have to submit one as well. If you’re going to mentor some project this year, then please update the relevant Open Projects page!

Contact me in case of any questions / suggestions / anything else :slight_smile:


Sign me up!

Some more information on the general process would be nice. Is llvm-www/OpenProjects.html at main · llvm/llvm-www · GitHub the page to update? By what time should that be done?

I will return with more detailed info soon :slight_smile: Stay tuned!

So, here are the details.

GSoC application requires organization to have a single “Ideas” page that works as a primary list of all projects. For LLVM (and its subprojects) we’re using an Open Projects page. All mentors are encouraged to submit a project description there. The project entry may contain:

  • Description
  • Expected outcomes
  • Confirmed mentors and their contacts
  • Required / desired skills
  • Size of the project. Medium projects are ~175 hours and large are ~350 hours.
  • Link to discourse topic that could be used to discuss the project, ask questions, etc.

It would be great if the projects would be combined by subprojects (e.g. LLVM core, clang, lldb, etc.). One could see the 2022 list as an example.

If possible, I would ask projects to appear by February 6. They could be added or refined later, but we cannot proceed with the application without them and organization application deadline is February 7.


You know what to do! Start submitting project ideas :wink:

Congratulations! I saw GSoC last October and wanted to apply to join the ‘Instrumentation of Clang/LLVM for Compile Time,’ but the deadline had already passed. Looking forward to this year’s project. :face_with_peeking_eye: