GSoC - Advanced Heuristics and Machine Learning

Hello again! Previously, I introduced myself as a prospective GSoC student interested in LLVM. Per Mr. Doerfert suggestion I took a look at two other projects that he said could interest me due to my ongoing research in autotuning. The projects are:

Advanced Heuristics for Ordering Compiler Optimization Passes

Machine learning and compiler optimizations: using inter-procedural analysis to select optimizations

And he was right! Now, what are the next steps concerning these projects? I know I have to choose one, but that is a difficult decision, so I wanted to know more about them.

As of right now, I am more inclined towards the first, Advanced Heuristics.

Hi Emanuel,

For GSoC, I think it’s generally good to try to find emails of the mentors and CC them because
otherwise it would be difficult for them to know about the existence of the thread. Especially if they’re not active in llvm-dev.

I did my best to find their e-mails, hopefully you’ll get an answer soon. Note that usually the mentors have done significant
work in the field of the project, e.g. EJ Park’s work:
IMHO, you can take a look to get an idea until the mentors respond. :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
Stefanos Baziotis

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Thank you very much!

No, problem. Best of luck!

  • Stefanos

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