[GSoC] Autosuggestions

Good Morning Devs,

I am Yash Mathne, a Computer Science and Engineering student who has been coding for 3 years now.
I write this after my failed attempts to connect the necessary people on the IRC channel and not being able to sign up for the mailing list for some reason.

Nonetheless, I am very interested in working for the LLDB’s command line projects such as :

  • Support autosuggestions in LLDB’s command line
    -Implement the missing tab completions for LLDB’s command line

Having created Linux shells with built in functions before, I believe I have enough experiences with how to code for the command line interface and shells in general. I want to further express my eligibility for the same by making a prototype autosuggestions in one of my already existed shells based on the history indexing method.

I am looking for any feedback or guidance in the same, is someone else already working on this?
Am I too late and are there a lot of applicants already? Please do let me know of the same.

Once confirmed, I can send you a prototype Linux shell with autocompletion implemented from scratch within a few days.

Thank you,
Yash Mathne
A GSOC’21 Aspirant

+a few lldb folks who might have some thoughts

Yash reached out to Raphael and me off-list.

To close the loop, the two projects mentioned here were part of last year’s GSoC. For 2021 we have “A structured approach to diagnostics in LLDB” (https://llvm.org/OpenProjects.html#lldb_diagnostics).