[GSOC] Create a checker for dangling string pointers in C++

Hello Developer Team,

My name is Rustam Khadipash, I am a forth year student in Computer Science at Pusan National University. This summer I would like to contribute to your project, however I do not have experience in contributing to open source societies so far. Therefore, I would like to start with not a difficult, in my opinion, project as “a checker for dangling string pointers in C++”. I am currently writing proposal and would like to know whether there is an additional information about the project I need to know and how I can get started on the project. Thank you.

Rustam Khadipash.

Hey, welcome!

I shared a few thoughts about this project in http://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/cfe-dev/2018-March/057039.html - you should be able to pick it up from there.

I added cfe-dev to this thread because that's where clang people usually hang out. It should be used instead of llvm-dev for clang-related GSoC projects.

Please feel free to ask questions and please share your drafts (yeah, straight into cfe-dev, that's totally fine) while working on the proposal - this way you'll be able to receive feedback from the community and that's a great way to make sure the proposal actually makes sense :slight_smile: