[GSoC] Final project report on CFL-AA

Dear LLVM devs,

My GSoC project this year is about alias analysis, and I wrote a short article describing what I've done during the summer: https://github.com/grievejia/GSoC2016/raw/master/writeup.pdf

In the report you can find an overview of what the current status of CFL-AA. There are also some numbers in the end, but please take those numbers with a grain of salt as they were rather preliminary. Like I mentioned in the article, there are still *lots of* things left to do before we could get a reasonable improvement.

FYI, not sure what's wrong with the PDF, but my browser and PDF viewer both think the file is not a PDF. Any chance you could post an alternate format?


Hi Philip,

Thank you for your interest!

The report was written in LaTex, and my github repository contains the full source code: https://github.com/grievejia/GSoC2016