[GSoC] Fuzzing LLVM-IR Passes Proposal


I’ve created an initial version of my GSoC 2021 Proposal and would like to hear your comments! Since it is an early draft, I would like to improve it over the following days. If you’re concerned about the scope of this proposal being too large or too small or there details that needs further explanation, feel free to add comments or mail me!

I mentioned implementing mutations as LLVM IR passes in the proposal. There are some benefits that I can think of, not really sure if it will work out in the end… I’ve also posted a question on the LibFuzzer google group regarding how mutations are scheduled when a custom mutator is used, but haven’t received a reply yet. Would like to hear your opinion and advice!

Link is here (google doc): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kKr5IFQVhGCPspVESv4muhqZhdnU7YLPohRn50g5sgY/edit?usp=sharing


Chibin Zhang