[GSoC] llvm-test

My name is Ander Martínez and I'm interested on working to extend the
llvm test suite, but I have some doubts I'd like to solve before
applying. I have never used llvm but was thinking on studying it
during summer for some project I have in mind but then I saw you have
one project to extend the test suite so I thought I could learn it
while writing tests, but maybe you are expecting people who already do
have some experience with it to apply. I have worked on some "similar"
projects before.

1) A REALLY simple assembler for the assembly language TXORI and
emulator of the BIRD machine. Which are both educational basic
assembly and architecture used at my university (university of the
basque country) to teach 1 grade students the basics of computing [0].
2) Writing the core test suite during some teleseminars[1] for the
ULIX assembly [2] which is also an educational assembly language on
the University of Mannheim.

Also, I'd like to know whether I do have to list what tests am I going
to implement when applying or just say I'm going to extend the test
suite and specify as I advance as I could be faster or slower than I
thought or find some missing tests I find interesting as I advance.

All in all, I do learn fast and I'm really motivated as I was going to
work with LLVM during summer anyway.

Thank you for your attention if you read until here.

[0] http://oredakore.es/index.php?p=torii
[1] http://pi1.informatik.uni-mannheim.de/filepool/presentations/01-ulix-hardware.pdf
[2] https://pi1.informatik.uni-mannheim.de/index.php?pagecontent=site%2FTeaching.menu%2FCourse%20Archives.menu%2FFSS_09.menu%2FTeleseminar.page&show=true