[GSoC] Progress report - Rajika Kumarasiri

hello every body,
This suppose to be the work done by me so far.

  1. Set up a local replica of LLVM nightly tester.
  2. Read and understood how nightlytester works together with nightly tester script, NewNightlyTester.pl
  3. Added a patch to nightly tester script (NewNightlyTester.pl) adding the capabilities:
    checking out the llvm-gcc source, compiling llvm-gcc, and gather required information to be sent to the nightly tester server.
  4. Added few posts about llvm nightly tester (how to set up, how it works etc…,) which helps a new commer to work with nightly tester and which can be used as the documentaion at the end of the project
    llvm-nightly-tester blog : http://llvm-nightly-tester.blogspot.com/

I’ll work hard to achive my goals in the project. Thank you.