GSoC project ideas

Thank you for the information, along with the blog post this give me a good overview of the project. Working on this project is definitely something of high interest to me.

I will select a subset of the improvements you already have reported for my proposal. ATM it's seems to be a bit difficult to estimate the time of those tasks (while I have a rough idea for 'auto_ptr replacement', 'tr1 suppression' or 'add the passing by value when move constructor is available on the stored type ' seem more difficult).

Do you think it will be difficult to find a mentor for such project?

You're right that auto_ptr replacement is probably the easier of the transforms you listed. It's not completely trivial due to the semantic differences between auto_ptr and unique_ptr (the lack of destructive copy in the latter for example) but it would be a good place to start I think. Converting tr1->std would require not only changing types but also changing #includes which is something the migrator doesn't look at for anything else right now.

I could be a mentor but I have to read about what's involved. I have cursory permission from my manager to help out but I need to find out more details.

Just a follow-up. Now I'm more familiar with what's involved with GSoC mentoring I don't see any reason I couldn't be a mentor assuming you choose cpp11-migrate and your application is accepted:)