[GSoc] Proposal Feedback: Compile Time Optimizations in Polly

Hi all,

I am interested in applying to LLVM as part Google Summer of Code 2015.
For my GSoc project I propose to achieve compiler time optimizations in Polly.
Below is the abstract and you can find my entire proposal here.

Improving the compile-time of polyhedral compilation tools and Polly has been an issue for some time. However, recently, lot of progress has been made. The aim of this project is to improve the compile-time of Polly by a large-factor. Some of the prominent changes I plan to make are: changes to the representations in the Integer Set Library (ISL) that Polly uses, and to modify the position of Polly in LLVM pass pipeline and it’s interactions with other passes.

I would like to like to have the community’s feedback on this.

Pratik Bhatu

Bachelors of Technology, 3rd Year
Computer Science and Engineering
IIT Hyderabad
+91 961 905 6833