GSOC Proposals Questions


my name is César I'm PhD student at UNICAMP-Brasil. I'm considering
submitting a proposal to participate in GSOC, however I would like to
hear your comments before writing the proposal:

These are the topics I'm considering to write:

- Implement DSWP[1]: The proposal will be to implement Decoupled
Software Pipeline as a pass in the LLVM-opt. To do this many analysis
will be used however many of them are already implemented in opt, so I
guess the major part of the work will be generate code to
synchronize/communicate between stages.

- Implement trace formation/execution in MCJIT: The proposal will be
to implement a trace formation technique (e.g: MRET[2]) in MCJIT, a
translated code cache and a sequencing unit to control trace
initialization/termination. I guess this is too much work to be done
in three months however I've some experience working with MCJIT and
DBTs also I plan to dedicate full time to get this done.

- Profile-guided optimizations: The project ideas page [3] list many
interesting projects, however I guess some of these are already
implemented (e.g. efficient edge profiling). In this topic I don't
have any specific idea, however I'll be happy to implement any of the
topics listed under this item.