[GSoC] Prospective student for Clang Static Analyzer constraint solver improvements


I am an undergrad from India. This summer, I’m interested in working on Clang Static Analyzer. I have a moderate understanding of LLVM and Clang. I also did my Google Summer of Code 2020 with LLVM, where I worked on unifying code motion checks present in loop transformation and analysis passes. (Phabricator) (GSoC archive) (LLVM Developers’ meeting poster)
Clang static analyzer seems a great candidate for research, and I would love to extend it further and improve it further. I believe this project would give me a more precise understanding of static analyzer.

Thanks Valeriy for all the motivation. In the short period of time between I saw this project and the proposal deadline, I’ve drafted a proposal.

Proposal (link)

Looking forward to any feedback and suggestions.

Best regards,


Hi Rithik,

Great to see you here and it’s awesome that you are interested in Clang Static Analyzer!

As I can see from your proposal, you found recent modifications to the solver and understand what kind of work should be done.
This year GSoC projects are shorter, so it is important to stay realistic. This being said, I think that the plan is probably overly optimistic. Testing and debugging can be tedious and can take a bit more time than one might expect.

Let’s start by simply putting more detail. Describe ideas that you have, how will you approach different operators, what will you do for testing. More specific you get, easier it is to reason about time. It will also make your proposal more concrete, which is always better.

I’ll keep an eye on the Google doc!

NOTE: We discuss things about the analyzer in Clang Front End mailing list [cfe-dev] (CCd).


Thanks Valeriy,

I will closely follow your advice and will soon come up with the changes in my proposal.

Thanks for letting me know about the mailing list.

Best regards,