GSoC Sakharova Anna

Good Day!
My name is Anna Sakharova. I live in Russia, Yaroslavl sity. I'm 20 years old. I study Computer Security at Yaroslavl state University named after Demidov(Matematic Department, 4 course). I'm interested in mathematic and coding. I would like to write programs assosiated with my profession. My favorite language is c++ builder.
My experience:
1). Program that provide deterministic polynomial-time algorithm for primality testing. It was developed by Indian mathematics. (with writing a simple GUI, platform x86)
2). Program that is finding all decisions of equation like:
(1 / x1) + (1 / x2) + (1 / x3) + ... + (1/ xn) = a / b (b > a)
3). And now i'm driving away at program that is breaking Viginer's cipher.

On my speciality greater attention is concentrating on descrete sections.
If it will be necessary i can increase my knowlege.