Dear All

As you might know, LLVM was selected for GSoC this year.

This means:

1. For prospective mentors - if you're thinking that there is some
project which you're going to mentor, which will be vaible for the
community, but still missed from OpenProjects page - please do provide
a patch for this page. If you're willing to be a mentor - please
create an account in Google Melange and create a connection with LLVM

2. For prospective students - start thinking about the projects. We do
require all the proposals to be discussed in the mailing lists before
submission. Ideally the student should already be known to the
community, e.g. submitted couple of patches and got the reviewed and
accepted. Note that not only the projects from OpenProjects pages can
be selected for GSoC, you can provide your own project, however, you
need to justfify why this project is useful for LLVM.

In case of any questions - do not hesitate to contact me, as usual.