GSOC'20: Encode Analysis results in MachineInstr IR, Slimmer project

Hello All,

My name is Prakhar Bansal and I am a graduate student in computer engineering at Iowa State University.
In my research work, I have worked on Memory access monitoring of an application using the LLVM static analysis framework, where I developed a tracing tool using an LLVM module pass to perform tracing across multiple functions using call graph analysis and also implemented static instrumentation using LLVM APIs, to finally generate memory accesses trace for a program.

For GSOC’20, I am interested in working on either of 2 research projects that are based on llvm, First is encode analysis results in MachineInstr IR, second is Finishing the Slimmer Tool to find potential performance bugs in programs.
I checked the details of the existing work to learn about the Slimmer tool, but I am looking for more information on requirements, and help with resources on both of these projects.
Thank you.

Prakhar Bansal