GSoC2019 - Improve function attribute inference

Hi Nuno and Devs,

My name is Hideto Ueno and I’m a 3rd-year cs student at the University of Tokyo, Japan. I’m very interested in gsoc project “Improve function attribute inference” and I have a question about this.

I’m now reading llvm/Transforms/IPO/FunctionAttrs.cpp and relevant code because I thought the current algorithm is implemented there. Are there any other files closely related to this project?

I have made toy ML-Like language compiler with some static analysis, and I implemented llvm backend for my original architecture. So I’m really interested in this project. I think these experiences will be helpful in the project.

Please visit my website for more information about me.


Hideto Ueno

That's the right file to look at, yes.

OK, thanks.


2019年3月11日(月) 4:36 Nuno Lopes <>: