Guardsquare is looking for LLVM Compiler Engineers (Belgium/Germany)!

Hi everyone,

At Guardsquare we’re still looking for compiler engineers to join our LLVM team
based in Leuven (Belgium):belgium: . We recently also opened up the position in Munich :de:.
We work on LLVM-based obfuscation for mobile apps and are looking for engineers
with a strong C++ background and interests in compilers and (mobile) security.

Some of the things we work on include: code transformations, code
injection, binary instrumentation, cheat protection, and much more. We’re
constantly staying ahead and up-to-date with the newest reverse
engineering techniques and advancements (symbolic execution, function hooking,
newest jailbreaks, DBI, etc …) as well as the newest code hardening research
(advanced opaque predicates, code virtualization, etc …).

If you’re looking for an opportunity to dive deep into all of these topics,
please reach out!

You can also find more details on our website: Careers | Guardsquare
or apply here:
Job Application for Junior Compiler Engineer C++/LLVM - Leuven at Guardsquare
Job Application for Junior Compiler Engineer C++/LLVM - München at Guardsquare