Guidance in contributing to the project

hey, I am finding difficulty in submitting my final application like how should we? need to represent the description section of our contribution and some questions in the final application ask for prior experience what do I need to write in those if I am new to open source and don’t have any prior experience? it will be a huge help @SamTebbs33 sir if you can tell us what you would prefer.

Hi, for the contribution, I will say add a very good description of what you did and explain the effect of your solution.

The prior experience as I understand it can be any course work you did in school or any place, also you can also add personally project.

thankyou @Unique-Usman for your reply actually I was talking about prior experience with this community or other community-type questions asked in the final application I don’t think it’s about any coursework .can you please confirm once?

I guess, if you have any experience with the llvm community before, you can add it. Also, if you had experience or use other open source project related to llvm you can also add it. A simple example might gcc which is related to clang. I hope this clear your doubt

thanks, @Unique-Usman

Great insight @Unique-Usman

you are welcome

hey everyone I wanted to work on this issue [AArch64] Improve vector multiply by constant · Issue #54651 · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub can I let to know if someone already working on this issue or else I can start working?

Hi, I do not think, if you wish, we can work on this together.

Yes, I’m willing to work with you. Have you considered how to start?

We can start by asking for guidance on backend from other community member in the discord community group.

hey Usman have you asked someone I think first we need to configure where we need to make code changes or additional code to add.

Kindly check your dm for my reply.

can somebody help me with this issue [AArch64] Improve vector multiply by constant · Issue #54651 · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub how can I find which part of the code is generating llvm code for vector multiplied by constant?