Hackers Lab in EuroLLVM17


I was just wondering whether it would be possible to run the networking sessions on the topics of interest during the Hackers Lab slots at the upcoming EuroLLVM.

I remember this was proposed for the last developer meeting in the US. I quite liked the idea, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend.

Some of my team members would be interested in OpenCL/GPU related issues which could cover main challenges, future directions, etc.

If other attendees would be interested in those topics, we could set up the activity.

Let me know!



Hi Anastasia,

We're doing the hacker's lab at EuroLLVM and one of the suggested
topics was OpenCL, but nothing stops you from marking it "+GPU". :slight_smile:

There's an email on the llvm list about it, just reply saying you (or
someone else) will be there for the OpenCL/GPU one and it should be