hacking clang IdentifierTable

Hi all,

Clang use a hash table to store all its identifiers. The hash table definition is:

typedef llvm::StringMap<IdentifierInfo*, llvm::BumpPtrAllocator> HashTableTy;
HashTableTy HashTable;

Can anyone explain the mechnism of handling the name string key collision for me? Is there a IdentifierInfo objects chain or list for
variable or function with the same name?

Thanks very much!


This hash table is just used to unique IdentifierInfos. IdentifierInfo itself holds a client-specific pointer of storage; Sema uses that pointer to hold either a NamedDecl* or an IdDeclInfo*, which we distinguish with the usual low-bit tagging trick. IdDeclInfo is basically a SmallVector<NamedDecl*,2>. There's some extra magic to make macros/PCH not require redundant hashes, but that's the basic idea.

Anyway, this is all sufficient to implement unqualified lookup in C and Objective C, but our C++ implementation can only get away with relying on IdentifierInfo when looking in a function; we have to fall back on DeclContext lookups (i.e. rehashing the string in different hash tables) when looking into pretty much any other kind of scope.


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