Handy file storage for LLD/ELF --reproduce

I notice that phabricator has http://reviews.llvm.org/file/ which can hold files. I haven’t tested the limit, but it seems like it handled a 26MB file fine (the particular file was just from a random LLD bugzilla bug).

So it is probably a good idea to document somewhere that http://reviews.llvm.org/file/ can be used for storage of --reproduce cpio archives if they are too large for bugzilla.

Rui, where do you think it is best to document this? Maybe we can also have a “how to report a bug” page explaining how to use --reproduce / LLD_REPRODUCE when reporting bugs.

– Sean Silva

This sounds like a bad idea. Let’s just increase the limit in bugzilla instead? The limit is just a configuration option…

If we can, I would like to increase the bugzilla attachment size limit anyway. Users attempting to attach preprocessed source run into this limit all the time and have to use google drive or something.

I’d be great if we can increase the maximum file size. I think the best place to write an instruction about how to report a bug with a reproduce file is the bugzilla new bug report page itself, not a separate document.

I also vote for increasing the limit in bugzilla. I don't expect many
"huge" reports, storage is cheap, etc..

Tanya, could you increase the max attachment size limit on LLVM’s bugzilla?

– Sean Silva

What were you thinking? I increased it to 5MB… but it sounds like you have 26MB attachments?


What were you thinking? I increased it to 5MB.. but it sounds like you
have 26MB attachments?

Is 50MB doable?

-- Sean Silva

I’m very hesitant to do this. Bugzilla has long been a target for spam (aka porn) and I don’t want to make it easy for that use. I would suggest making anything larger available via a link.


I just tried to attach something (~2MB) and it failed (max size
allowed 1MB). Was that lowered again?
See https://bugs.llvm.org/show_bug.cgi?id=33126

My $0.02:
1) I think the max attachment size is too low. Large part of
interesting compile time testcases exceeds that size.

2) When we tell people to use an external service, there are no
guarantees the link will be persistent, as LLVM doesn't control it.
Somebody decides to delete his drive/dropbox account and the testcase
is lost. I'd like to have a permanent record, if possible, so having
the test uploaded on bugzilla directly is convenient.

3) The spam problem IMHO should be fixed independently. Also, the
automatic registration has been disabled for quite a while, so that
should've been somehow mitigated.