Happy holidays!

Dear Libc++ contributors,

I wanted to take a moment to thank everybody involved in libc++ for their work. I am thrilled to see people getting involved in the project and creating a dynamic community. While we certainly face challenges to make libc++ easier to contribute to, I am glad to see that we are making progress on several fronts like pre-commit CI, better documentation and automation of various tasks. We are also catching up on several c++20 features, and I am confident that we can follow c++23 closer with all these improvements.

This is all the result of teamwork, and I wanted to underline that. A project is nothing without its community, so thank you!


Hey Louis,

thanks a lot for the kind words and your tireless work on libc++. It is amazing how much you achieved this year. I hope the flush of activity of the recent months keeps on over the next year!

I hope you all have a nice and save transition into 2021