Has phabricator stopped sending me emails?

I don’t seem to receive emails to my mats@planetcatfish.com email account when for example someone comments on my review or someone adds me to as a reviewer. It may be because my emaill account was broken a while back? Any thoughts on how to fix it?

@mehdi_amini Mehdi - Any suggestions?

Let’s sync offline, can you create a test revision and add me as reviewer: we’ll debug with this.

I have created a review here: ⚙ D131673 Phabricator test

So, still not getting emails from phabricator. Mehdi forwarded the one for the review I set up. I do not know why it didn’t arrive to my inbox. Searching for D131673 shows only that forwarded mail and my reply saying it didn’t get here.

Did you check your spam as well?

We’re using a provider for our email distributions: either your provider blackmailed our relay or our provider blacklisted yours for some reasons…

I have checked spam, and it’s full of the usual Nigerian millions and Blackmail spam emails No Phabricator emails. And I should have a few.

I suspect this is related to my email not working some months ago - late May or something - it would bounce all emails due to gmail (where my emails ultimately end up) having changed something, so my provider had to reconfigure to match. In other words, I suspect your provider has blacklisted me as “bouncing”…

I don’t have access to our email provide admin interface, but @r4nt has and kindly went and removed you from the blacklist: things should work now!

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