Hash of checkout llvm-mctoll

I am trying to install llvm mctoll. It wants me to use a specific commit. But I don’t see any <hash from llvm-project-git-commit-to-use.txt> in llvm-project. How can I use install this.

I was also wondering, if it’s possible to install llvm-mctoll using the binary in ubuntu. Is it possible?

Seems like you should be asking about the incorrect hash in the llvm-mctoll project, not here.

I didn’t quite get your suggestion. Does llvm-mctoll have a forum? And why it is an incorrect hash?

The referenced file is in the llvm-mctoll repo, not llvm-project: llvm-mctoll/llvm-project-git-commit-to-use.txt at master · microsoft/llvm-mctoll · GitHub

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