Have llvm docs been translated into Chinese?

Hi, all:
I’m a graduate student in Harbin Engineering University, majoring Computer Architecture,
Grade 1. And I wanna translate llvm docs into Chinese if nobody didn’t do it before.

Now I’m transplanting path profiling to llvm 2.5, just as completed in llvm 1.5. I do some translations in order to make me deeply understand the llvm system. On the other hand,
I think the Chinese version will help someone else in China who wants to know about llvm,
IR or profiling etc without language gap.

The attachment is my resume. Everyone here can call me Tony. And I will try my best to do it.

btw, later I will go to Tsinghua University to do some similar work like basicblockprofiling,
of course based on llvm. Blow is the project information: http://formes.asia/cms/

zhangzuyu-resume.pdf (81.6 KB)