Heads-up: change in test directory structure will conflict with your patches

I’m planning to land a patch that makes the clangd directory structure more self-contained.







Most people I’ve talked to agree this is… less annoying.
But it will temporarily be more annoying, because this will touch every test file and conflict with all your patches. Sorry :frowning:


Does this change anything to how the tests need to be executed? i.e. check-clangd, etc?

Oops, right.
check-clangd is the way to run clangd tests, it works as before.check-clang-tools no longer runs clangd tests.
check-all runs clangd tests if clang-tools-extra is enabled, as before. (Build bots use this method, so should be unaffected)

Also, apologies for butchering the XPC rules, thanks Jan for cleaning up my mess!

check-clang-tools no longer runs clangd tests.
I think the assumption with check-clang-tools has been that it will run all tests in clang-tools-extra/. I think it’s also a common way to verify changes in clang/ (e.g. tooling) or shared libraries like clang-tidy do not break things in extra. If we exclude clangd tests from check-clang-tools, we might still want to provide an alternative (trivial) way for folks to verify that their changes (in tooling etc) do not break clangd. Unfortunately, check-all runs all llvm tests and is too slow.